gulf hydraulics australia, malaga, western australia
Gulf Hydraulics, Malaga, Western Australia

Gulf Hydraulics is one of the few companies in Australia that can give our clients peace of mind by being able to do any hydraulic repair whether it be a hydraulic cylinder, pump or motor, a power pack or valve banks to a manifold manufacture or simply chroming a piston rod, all under one roof to OEM specifications.

In addition to service and repair, Gulf Hydraulics is able to manufacture hydraulic cylinders to your specification. This enables our company to offer our clients the quality and service they deserve.

Visit our product range to see our pool of service exchange components in stock. Our pool of Service Exchange components is continually being upgraded and if you don’t find what you are looking for we a just a phone call away from full filing all your hydraulic needs.

In addition to our modern facilities in Australia, Gulf Hydraulics has identical facilities in Africa and is affiliated to one of the largest hydraulic pump manufactures in the world.