Cylinders Repair & Service Exchange

Caterpillar - Repair and Service Exchange
140G Articulation Cylinder (6E1560)
140G Side Shift Cylinder (9T2483)
140H Blade Lift Cylinder (3G5223)
14G Articulation Cylinder (9T8784)
14G Draw Bar Tip Cylinder (8J6356)
14G Lift Cylinder (9T2703)
14G Steer Cylinder (9T1301)
14G Side Shift Cylinder (9T3206)
14G Wheel Lean Cylinder (9T3219)
16G Blade Tip Cylinder (9T8944/9T3198)
16G Side Shift Cylinder (8J6359)
16G Steer Cylinder (9T2853)
16G Wheel Lean Cylinder (3G4750)
16H Articulation Cylinder (9T3050)
16H Blade Lift Cylinder (9T3106)
16H Ripper Cylinder (1135624)
16H Side Shift Cylinder (9T3206)
16H Steer Cylinder (9T2853/9T2854)
16H Wheel Lean Cylinder (9T3492/1219244)
24H Steer Cylinder (8X9017)
740 Hoist Cylinder (1416667)
740 Steering Cylinder (215725)
740 Suspension Cylinder (1468928)
740 Suspension (Gas – Type) Cylinder (2282758)
769 Front Strut Cylinder (9T9074)
769 Hoist Cylinder (4T4168)
769 Rear Strut Cylinder (9T6086)
769C Steer Cylinder (9J1287)
769D Front Strut Cylinder (9T9074)
769D Steer Cylinder (1100532)
769D Rear Strut Cylinder (1162836)
773B Hoist Cylinder (9J2017)
773B Rear Strut Cylinder (9T6082/1162837)
773D Rear Strut Cylinder (9T6082/1162837)
773D Steer Cylinder (7J7886)
777 Front Strut Cylinder (9T8813)
777 Hoist Cylinder (8J8924)
777C Rear Strut Cylinder (8J8865)
777C Steer Cylinder (8J9912)
777D Steer Cylinder (1052440)
785 Front Strut Cylinder (1U4605)
785B Hoist Cylinder (4T5931)
785B Rear Strut (1072860/1U4651)
785B Steer Cylinder (1U3182)
789 Hoist Cylinder (9T2807)
789 Steer Cylinder (4T6797)
980C Lift Cylinder (1U3527)
980C Steer Cylinder (9J5869)
988B Steer Cylinder (8J8165)
988B Tilt Cylinder (9J3632)
992 High Lift Cylinder (1U1771)
992 Tilt Cylinder (3G4598/3G4599)
992C Steer Cylinder (9J5419)
992G Lift Cylinder (9J2994)
992G Tilt Cylinder (1677996)
994 Steer Cylinder (9T9019)
994D High Lift Tilt Cylinder (1142821)
99C High Lift Ext. Tilt Cylinder (1028731)
D10N Blade Lift Cylinder (9T2869)
D10N Blade Tilt L/H Cylinder (9T9204)
D10N Blade Tilt R/H Cylinder (9T9203)
D10N Ripper Lift Cylinder (4T5114/4T5112)
D10N Ripper Tilt Cylinder (4T9977)
D400D Front Strut Cylinder (1511179)
D400D Rear Strut Cylinder (1532904)
D400E Ser. II Hoist Cylinder (1416667)
D400E Steer Cylinder (1433299/7U9538)
D9L Blade Lift Cylinder (9J5868)
D9N Blade Lift Cylinder (9T2860)
D9R Blade Lift Cylinder (4Z6172/6E4433)
Elphinstone - Repair and Service Exchange
AD55 Hoist Cylinder (1455155)
AD55 Front Suspension Cylinder (2161747)
AD55 Steering Cylinder (6DE9230)
R1300 Lift Cylinder (9EL4734/1546907)
R1300 Steer Cylinder (1554539)
R1300 Tilt Cylinder (9EP7419)
R1600 Tilt Cylinder (2023045)
R1700 Lift Cylinder (1411974)
R1700 Steer Cylinder (9EP1909)
R1700 Tilt Cylinder (9EP1908)
R2900 Lift Cylinder (9EP9438/2183006)
R2900 Steer Cylinder (9E11945/1739447)
R2900 Tilt Cylinder (9EP3100)
Hitachi - Repair and Service Exchange
EX1100 Boom Cylinder (4243455)
EX1100 Bucket Cylinder (4255232)
EX1100 Stick Cylinder (4255231)
EX1900 Boom Cylinder (4337259)
EX1900 Bucket Cylinder (4286428)
EX1900 Stick Cylinder (4364958)
Komatsu - Repair and Service Exchange
465-3 Hoist Cylinder (569-63-42100)
465-3 Steer Cylinder (569-63-41303)
465-5 Front Strut Cylinder (569-50-61004)
465-5 Rear Strut Cylinder (569-50-62001/569-50-62002)
785-3 Hoist Cylinder (561-63-62102)
785-3 Steer Cylinder (561-63-611023)
PC1100SP-6 Boom Cylinder (21N-63-02302)
PC1100SP-6 Bucket Cylinder (21N-63-02351/21N-63-02361)
PC1100SP-6 Stick Cylinder (21N-63-02322)
WA600-1 Steer Cylinder (707-07-13081)
WA600-3 Tilt Cylinder (707-01-03232)
WA800 Steer Cylinder – Dual Port (707-01-16181)
Liebherr – Repair and Service Exchange
994-200 Boom Cylinder (990284400)
994-200 Bucket Cylinder (930532400)
994-200 Stick Cylinder (930532200)
Tamrock – Repair and Service Exchange
Drifter Feed Cylinder (32826072)
Drifter Feed Cylinder. 10ft New Type (32826070)
Drifter Feed Cylinder. 10ft Old Type (32509680)
Drifter Feed Cylinder. 12ft New Type (32826072)
Drifter Feed Cylinder. 12ft Old Type (32509682)
Drifter Feed Cylinder. 14ft New Type (32825904)
Drifter Feed Cylinder. 14ft Old Type (17614714)
Jack Cylinder (05541138)
Solo Indexing Cylinder (32128171)
TB40 Boom Extension Cylinder (32109647)
TB40 Extra Swing Cylinder (32631167)
TB40 Feed Extra Tilt Cylinder (32165827)
TB40 Tilt Cylinder (35256807)
TB60 Zoom Tube Cylinder (32109648)
TB60 Boom Lift Cylinder (32592005)
TB60 DPU Tilt Cylinder (35256775)
TB60 Jack Cylinder (55000437A)
TB60 Feed Swing Cylinder (32579827)
Atlas Copco - Repair and Service Exchange
5010 Hoist Cylinder
5010 SteeringCylinder